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We updated the Berea College Student Craft logo by recalling the "Student Industries” mark within the College’s Labor program developed in the early 1920’s and used through the 70s. 

The group in the 20s tasked with this project was made up of friends of the college, trustees, and Anna Ernberg, Head of the College’s weaving program. The individuals involved were all experts in the early and developing field of “Branding”. They were, Bruce Barton; Mr. Barton is most famous for the unification of the Fisher Family brands into the unified General Motors. His NYC ad agency is considered one of the pioneers in branding. William Danforth, CEO of Ralston Purina. Under Danforth’s leadership Purina developed and unified its products under the still used “Purina Checkerboard”, a masterful use of logo and brand consolidation. Wallace Nutting; Mr. Nutting’s use of branding and labeling on his reproduction furniture is well known (and examples can be seen today across the Berea College campus). His influence on Craft at Berea as a whole and in Woodcraft in particular can not be overstated.

Since the 1970s several different logos (and names) were used for the program. We worked closely with Aaron Beale to reimagine the Industries logo while taking flexibility and modern digital needs into consideration.

Next we reshot all new product photos and provided art direction for catalog images. We designed a new print and e-catalog highlighting the products, the process and the students. Lastly we built a new website showcasing the new brand and photography.

“Thank you, Crosshatch for reimagining our historically significant and almost-forgotten ‘Industries’ logo. This refreshed logo celebrates the history of undoubtedly one of the greatest eras of craft production here. We are making a strong progressive move here at Berea College Student Craft to be more forward thinking about what craft can and does mean in the world today. A celebration of our history while undertaking this forward thinking direction is essential to telling the complete story of our contribution”


Aaron Beale, Director of Berea College Student Craft


Art Direction


Logo and Identity System







Catalog Design



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