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Introducing Docktails' latest creation: Blackberry Mule, the bold new addition to Dry Dock Brewing's lineup of canned ready-to-drink cocktails. Facing the challenge of seamlessly integrating this new flavor into the family, we embarked on a design journey that harmonized the vibrant personality of Blackberry Mule with its existing siblings.

🍹 A Splash of Innovation: Docktails original lineup was already known for its punchy flavors, and Blackberry Mule had to not only join the party but also carve its unique space. We began by reimagining the fruit illustrations, infusing them with the essence of ripe blackberries and matching them with the distinctive, striking colors that define the brand.

🌈 Harmony in Hues: The result is a packaging design that not only stands out in its individuality but also seamlessly blends with the existing SKUs. The rich, deep hues of Blackberry Mule create a visual symphony alongside its siblings, ensuring that each can tells its own story while contributing to the vibrant narrative of the entire lineup.

🎨 A Sibling Connection: From the first sip to the last drop, Blackberry Mule promises a taste adventure. And its packaging is a visual feast that aligns with the company's commitment to delivering bold, exciting flavors. The new addition not only plays well with its siblings but also enhances the overall aesthetic, making it a standout choice in any lineup.

Indulge in the bold and the beautiful with Blackberry Mule—because sometimes, the newest member of the family steals the show!


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