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When organic farm Lazy Eight came to us they had just undergone a name change and were joining the USDA Certified Organic Program. As such they were in need of a new branding and identity system. Their love of the land and the work, and desire to farm in a way that aligned with their values, led them to Community Supported Agriculture. They began their CSA in 2012, and it has become the lifeblood of the farm.


We created and developed their new logo, identity system, signage and collateral as well as guided them on their web and social media presence. We wanted the tone to be authentic and approachable as well as wholesome and trustworthy like the farm itself. The mark is simple and memorable and stands out in a-less-is-more direction that works well on their signage and packaging. Above all we wanted to stay true to the values of the farmers and the unmistakable quality products they produce. 

“Organic CSA members are a discerning group of consumers, Marc’s team gave us a look and feel that our customers expect to be a part of their experience with us.”


Bryce Baumann, Owner


Art Direction


Logo and Identity System







Vehicle Livery

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