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CFA branding and collateral

Belonging: Each year, the college’s story is told anew to a multitude of prospective students. The recruitment message, which spans print and digital environments, requires collaboration with four large academic units as well as the marketing and communications department.


We managed content creation, photography and the creative direction to bring the Creative Type vision to fruition. Many art students from theatrical, musical or visual art backgrounds may have heard that label… “creative type” from someone who didn’t understand where they were coming from or perhaps even as a derogatory remark. We built our ongoing message and campaign around the idea of embracing the label and using it as a badge of honor. From social media to promotional items, students (and now alumni) fully embrace being a Creative Type.

Our team balanced the message and the college’s visual identity with that of the university, as well as the needs and expectations of each unique school in the College of Fine Arts. As part of a broader marketing strategy we “pushed the envelope” in the college’s brand identity, speaking directly and openly to creative students and prospects, without diluting the message or the institutional/academic relationship. The design work is consistent, clean, and creative. The transition has been seamless and more importantly, influenced higher enrollments each year.


Art Direction


Logo and Identity System






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