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We have arrived

A critical moment in a growing company's trajectory is when they realize the more established players within their industry look and sound the part, while they feel like they're being left behind. Often when orgs engage with Crosshatch they are at a crossroads. They have ushered their business past the first few years, which is no small feat. Surviving is impressive and deserves recognition! But these brands have realized it is time to move on beyond what they started with and time to better-represent where the company is now. This is a great place to be! Rebranding as a result of growth is an opportunity to reposition and send a signal internally to employees and externally to customers and competitors that we “have arrived”. In short, the positioning of your brand is like planting your flag on the surface of the moon! We are here… pay attention!

If you line up your branding initiatives against competitors (and orgs you aspire to compete with) your brand needs to do to seemingly opposite feats: look appropriate for your vertical, like you belong in the mix... AND standout in the crowd.


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